Devo Capital

Services provided by DEVO Capital Management (DCM)


Our research is the lifeline between DCM and our clients. Our reports summarize the market moving news stories for the week, highlight key fundamental and technical events and provide specific hedge and trade recommendations. There are numerous reports that DEVO offers, which include:

  • Daily DEVO Weather Report
  • Weekly Crude Oil Report
  • Weekly Natural Gas Report
  • Weekly Products Report
  • Monthly Energy Report
  • DOE & EIA Storage Report
  • Weekly Speculative Trades
  • Weekly Natural Gas Basis Report
  • Weekly NGL Newsletter
  • Brent LLS Weekly Newsletter
  • Daily All Commodities Speculative Trade Report

Brokerage - Clearing

DCM offers trade execution and clearing at all of the major world futures exchanges.

Agency - OTC Clearing and Bilateral Trading

DEVO handles all aspects of OTC trading and clearing. The agency services offered by DCM are:

  • Compare the pros and cons of bilateral vs. cleared trades
  • Set up OTC accounts (ISDA's, MSA's, Credit and Dodd Frank documentation)
  • Negotiate the best prices possible amongst counter parties
  • Assess customer's financials for optimal credit (match up customer with best counter party)
  • Provide trade transparency (evaluate counter party mark-up relative to credit-free trade price)
  • Provide a consolidated mark-to-market
  • Execute and monitor trades (will recommend adjustments as market conditions change)
  • Reconcile monthly statements and invoices
  • Review confirmations for accuracy

Financial Hedge Consulting

DEVO consultants use their combined 80 years of trading and brokerage experience to help their clients with any situation that may arise.

DCM specializes in creating and implementing tailor-made hedge programs based upon the specific needs and objectives of the individual client.

DCM's services are especially geared toward the company that understands the benefit of using financial marketing tools, but does not have an in-house staff with the experience and the expertise to handle the day-to-day management of their financial marketing needs.

Physical Consulting

DEVO advises producers, end-users, and midstream market participants on a consulting basis. DEVO can analyze and renegotiate gathering and marketing contracts on behalf of its clients. In addition, DEVO can find additional purchasers and suppliers to assure our clients get the most competitive price.

Customized Hedge Programs - Structured Products

DEVO Capital is experienced in constructing and analyzing various hedge programs and structured products.

Integration of Physical Marketing and Financial Marketing

DEVO consultants are well versed in integrating financial hedging programs with the actual physical product markets. All of DEVO's consultants are knowledgeable basis traders.

Educational Seminars

DEVO conducts energy market and financial hedge seminars to individual company employees and large trade groups. The seminars are often approved for continuing education credits.