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DEVO Capital is an Introducing Broker and Commodity Trading Advisor. DEVO Capital was founded in 1992. Its account executives have over 80 years experience in the futures and energy physical markets. DEVO Capital specializes in creating and implementing tailor made hedge and investment programs based upon the specific needs and objectives of the individual client.

Fixed Price/Floors/Caps/Collars

12 month forward curve. Price Levels as of Settlement Date:

Commodity Start Mo. Start Yr. End Mo. End Yr. Avg Futures Price Put Strike Price Put Prem. Call Strike Price Call Prem. Call Prem. minus Put Prem. Basis Basis Price
WTI Cal Avg CL April 2019 March 2020 61.68 55.00 1.80 67.00 1.73 -0.07 Mid/Cush -0.39
NG European May 2019 April 2020 2.82 2.40 0.04 4.00 0.04 0.00 CIG -0.37

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